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Welcome to CANNABEFREE, the first Italian cannabis clothing brand – but we’re more than just a clothing brand promoting cannabis and the culture around it. We are a community of girls in favor of the legalization of Cannabis and against prejudices of any kind. We are alternative and independent, we are a heterogeneous group of women entrepreneurs, students, free professionals, models, we could be your neighbor. What unites us is intolerance towards prejudice, gender discrimination and in all its forms. The means of communication that we have chosen to express ourselves is photography, each of our shots expresses to the full our provocative philosophy with which we oppose the bigotry that unfortunately still reigns in our country. Our community today counts more than 100,000 Italian fans and from all over the world, through our social channels we get more than 200,000 views per week on average and the community grows more and more every day!

Join our great community where we can always stay in touch and where you can also actively participate by sharing your content. Join us and discover the Sexy Side Of Cannabis Culture!

Promote cannabis and the freedom to use it wherever you go, wearing CANNABEFREE.



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